The Island

Kefalonia is the largest island in the Ionian Sea and sixth in size in Greece. It is located between the islands of Lefkada and Zakynthos and across the Corinthian Gulf. The deep blue sea, the golden sandy beaches, the unique dreamy caves, the rocky mountains and the traditional settlements with their picturesqueness and grandeur of the past will be the ideal scenery of your holidays in the island of Kefalonia. Its beautiful places, archeological areas and historical monuments will impress you.

It is only 35km from mainland Greece and 30km from the coasts of Peloponnese; it covers an area of and a coastline of 254km.
The inhabitants of the island are occupied with wine making, agriculture, fishing and the tourism. Its population is 32.000. In the island, there is the big mountain range of Ainos or the "Big Mountain", which is said that it is the geological continuation of the mountain range of Pindos.

Platia Ammos Beach Kefalonia Platia Ammos Beach at the West Part of the island.

The mountain Ainos offers a unique and magical view of the plains of the island, of the beautiful graphic villages and of the blue sea of the Ionian Sea.
The highest peak of the "Big Mountain", Megas Soros, reaches the 1640 m, whereas other high peaks are, Kokkini Rahi, Xerakias and Agia Dinati. The fruitful plains of the island are, Kranea, Omalon, Sami and Lixouri. The strange geological phenomena in the island are Katavothres or Sea Mills in the city of Argostoli, Kounopetra in the south of Paliki peninsula and the lakes Avithos and Akoli in the area of Pirgi. All these, according to the researchers, are due to the great seismic activity and the geo-terrain composition of the island.

The tradition and the folklore revive through customs, festivities and local events in every traditional settlement of the island. The art of wood-carving is visible on the wonderful icon screens of the churches. The art of hagiography along with the ecclesiastic architecture impress the visitors. The Ionian architecture and the hospitality of the inhabitants make the island to a summer refuge for relaxation.

Melissani Open Cave at Kefalonia Melissani Open Cave at Kefalonia.

The cultural physiognomy of the island is influenced by the constant conquests, populative changes and by the influences from the west and particularly by Italy.
Among the people that stand out in the island are, the poet Andrea Laskarato, George Molfeta, Gerasimo Markora, Marino Antipa and Rokos Hodas.

The island shows a particular paleologic interest because of the findings of the Paleolithic Era, which reinforce the point of view that man existed in the island 50.000 years ago.

Above the small peninsula, in the area of Fanari, stands the wonderful Argostoli, the capital of the island, with the bridge of Drapano, the Koutavos Lagoon, the Lighthouse of Agii Theodori and the Cave of Agios Gerasimos.
Apart from Argostoli, many other important cities and graphical villages with special historical interest will be wonderful stop-overs for your accommodation in the island. These are the villages of the area of Eikosimia, Elios, Pronoi, Skala, Razakli, Poros, Pirgi, Omala, Erissos, the peninsula of Paliki, Fiskardo, Sami and the island of Zeus.

Myrtos Beach Kefalonia The Famous Myrtos Beach at Kefalonia.

The beaches of the island are unique and magical with wonderful gold, red or white sand, blue transparent or green emerald waters along with the presence of the green slopes and the sea breeze of the Ionian Sea.

We suggest you from swimming, playing and relaxation the sandy beaches of Binires in Agios Theodoros, in Foki, in Emplisi, in Paliostafida, in Argostoli, in Antisamo, in Mirto, in Agia Paraskevi, in Makri Gialo, in Ammes, in Agia Pelagia, in Minia, in Spartia, in Avitho, in Dafnia, in Agio Thoma, in Livatho, in Lourda, in Karavomilo, in Agia Kiriaki, inFiskardo, in Xi, in Batsa, in Mersia, the Akrotiri in Petanous and in Agio Spiridona. If you rent boat, your choices for swimming in the lonely beaches and the unapproachable areas are countless. For those who love fishing, there are many fishing-villages and good spots for fishing.

Before you leave the island and return to the daily routine, don't forget to buy the famous honey from Thymari, wonderful Robola wine, bread-rolls with aniseed, rozoalia, tangerine drinks, orgeat, the local salted-cockle, the candy with almonds "the mandoles" and embroideries made from strings of leaves.
The food in the island is rich in taste with many choices in every village, small town or touristic centre. The local specialties are the tasteful meat pies, the garlic sauce called "aliada" and the unique braised rabbit with red table wine of Achaia (Mavrovadni).
Your accommodation is ensured in any point of the island with choices of rent-rooms, furnished apartments and hotels. Those who love nature, can visit the organized camping sites of Sami, Argostoli and Fanari.

Monastery of Saint Gerasimos Kefalonia The Monastery of Saint Gerasimos Kefalonia.

The island is offered for summer excursions in the natural beauties of the island with its kind inhabitants. We suggest you for your summer vacations the island of Kefalonia and the wonderful Ionian Sea.

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How to reach Kefalonia

This page will help you find the way how to come to the island easily.

You may reach Kefalonia by the following ways:

By airplane

At least one time per day and also a second one tree times a week, there is an airplane from Athens to the island. In the summertime there are scheduled many flights from your country to Kefalonia and you just have to ask the day and the hours. The duration of the flight from Athens is about 45 minutes and from your country depends from the distance and the middle arrivals to other airports. The distance from the airport of Kefalonia to the capital of the island is only 8km. and there is a bus for you in every flight that will transport you to your destination. Your any further information you may use the following phones adding +30 if you call outside Greece.

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By ship

Everyday there are many ships that are going to Kefalonia. From Patra to Sami there is the ship “Kefalonia” of the STRINTZIS LINES, at least one time per day. Usually there is also scheduled a late trip. From Kilini there is also a ship that goes every day to Argostoli & Poros. For any further information you many use the following phones:

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By Bus

For Patra and Kilini every day there are scheduled departures by bus from Kifisos, Athens. It is suggested that you will call for your ticket and the time of the departure. For more information please call:

For the local scheduled departures from Argostoli to the various places of Kefalonia you may find information in the website of the bus station:

or just contact the Bus station in Argostoli: 26710 22281

Domestic Transportation

The capital of the island, Argostoli, is connected with Lixouri by a local Ferry Boat that departures every half an hour in summer and every hour in winter. The Ferry Boat departures next to the harbor authorities in Argostoli and reaches the Lixouri harbor in 20 minutes.


If you want to use a taxi you may find the following phones helpful:

The island is connected all the year by ship also with Ithaca, Leukada, Zante. Also with Igoumenitsa, Corfu, Paxoi Brintizi of Italy every summer.
For any detailed information you may call the local harbor authorities of Argostoli: 26710 22224